The Alishan scenic area is mostly mountaineous, extending over an altitude ranging between 300m and over 2600m and comprising several climatic zones. Here there are betel nut plantations, oolong tea plantations and cypress forests, which all thrive in the local climate. The mountain road is well-built, but is narrow and winding, with many curves. The weather is quite humid, with frequently overcast skies and misty air between dusk and dawn.
01 Betel nut palms 02 Betel nut palms 03 Betel nut palms 04 Betel nut palms 05 Ferns
06 Creek 07 Creek 08 Mountain road to Alishan 09 Dried stream bed 10 Road to Alishan
11 Road to Alishan 12 Alishan forest 13 Cypress forest 14 Alishan mountain road 15 Cypress forest
16 Cypress forest 17 Cypress forest 18 Cypress forest 19 Cypress forest
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