The Umayyad mosque lies in the centre of old Damascus and is one of the largest and oldest mosques in the world. It was built between 706 and 715 on the site of a Christian church dedicated to John the Baptist. The same site had been used as a temple of Jupiter in Roman times. The mosque holds a shrine which is said to contain the head of John the Baptist, honoured as a prophet by Muslims and Christians alike. The mosque is beautifully decorated with Islamic art and a large number of mosaics.
01 Roman temple of Jupiter arch 02 Minaret of Qat Bey 03 Bab al-Barid square 04 Fountain on Bab al-Barid square 05 Pilgrims exiting mosque after noon prayer 06 Pilgrims exiting mosque after noon prayer
07 Minaret of Qat Bey 08 Bab as-Saat gate 09 Pilgrims resting in inner court 10 Dome and transept facade with golden mosaics 11 Inner court and colonnade
12 Transept northern gate 13 Inner court and colonnade 14 Ablution fountain 15 Inner court and colonnade 16 Inner court and colonnade
17 Inner court and transept 18 Transept facade with golden mosaics 19 Mosque interior 20 Chandeliers 21 Decorated pillar
22 Chandelier 23 Mosque interior central part 24 Cupola 25 Mosaic on Bab as-Saat gate 26 Arch
27 Arches 28 Inner court and colonnade at dusk 29 Inner court and colonnade at dusk 30 Minaret of Qat Bey at night 31 Jesus minaret 32 Transept, dome and minaret at night
33 Rear gate 34 Night view of mosque
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