Syria is a mostly arid country in the Middle East, bordering Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. The western part of Syria contains several mountains and mountain ranges, while the east is mostly flat. The mediterranean coast receives a lot of rain and is intensely cultivated. In the east Syria is crossed by the Euphrates river, which represents more than 80 percent of Syria's water resources. Syria has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Its civilization is one of the most ancient on earth; the empire centered around Ebla was founded in 3000 BC. Syria became part of the Roman empire in 64 BC and was conquered by Muslim Arabs in 636 AD. Between the 16th and 20th century Syria was part of the Ottoman empire. In 1920 Syria became a French colony and achieved finally independence in 1944. Syria is a middle-income country, with an economy based on agriculture, oil, industry, and tourism. Syria currently has almost 20 million inhabitants, and while being predominantly Muslim also has a significant Christian minority (10% of the population).
Damascus photo gallery  - 114 pictures of Damascus
114 photos of Damascus, the capital of Syria, a city with a history dating back to 10000 BC
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