Zurich extends on both sides of the the Limmat river and the lake. Its waterfronts, both the Limmat ones and the lake ones, are very pictoresque. Several historical buildings and churches lie along the banks of the Limmat river. Along the lake waterfront are the piers where the boats which cross the lake of Zurich dock.
01 Ferris wheel 02 Panoramic view of waterfront
03 Waterfront and pier 04 Blue flowers 05 General Guisan road
06 Panoramic view of waterfront 07 Ferris wheel 08 Quai bridge and Grossmunster
09 Waterfront and piers 10 Waterfront 11 Waterfront 12 Eden au lac hotel
13 Uto waterfront and boats 14 Artistic roller skater 15 Artistic roller skater 16 Artistic roller skater 17 Artistic roller skaters
18 Limmat river and town hall 19 Town hall 20 Limmat waterfront with town hall and bridge
21 Limmat river 22 Limmat river waterfront
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