The historic centre of Geneva is located around the lake and is relatively small. There is not much old architecture left and the main sights are St. Pierre's cathedral, some towers and a few other buildings and monuments. The art and history museum has extensive art and archaeological-historical collections. Most buildings in the historic centre look relatively recent, as the architectural style is of the 19th and 20th centuries.
01 Croix d'Or street 02 Palace of Justice 03 Palace of Justice 04 Art and history museum
05 Street with cars 06 Russian church 07 Russian church 08 Russian church 09 Art and history museum 10 Flags on street
11 St Pierre cathedral 12 St Pierre cathedral 13 St Pierre cathedral tower 14 St Pierre cathedral 15 Escalade fountain
16 Escalade fountain 17 Clock tower 18 Clock tower 19 Brunswick mausoleum 20 Brunswick mausoleum 21 Rive street pedestrian area
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