The Puerta Antigua de Bisagra is the only gate of Toledo which kept its original defensive layout. It was built in the 10th century under the Moors and later expanded in the 12th century. Nearby lies the Santiago del Arrabal church built in Mudejar style in 1245-48, on the site of an older church and a mosque. The Arrabal street leads to the Valmardon gate, a beautiful 10th century Moorish gate.
01 Puerta de Bisagra gate 02 Puerta de Bisagra gate 03 Puerta de Bisagra gate 04 Puerta de Bisagra gate
05 Iglesia Santiago del Arrabal church 06 Iglesia Santiago del Arrabal church 07 Iglesia Santiago del Arrabal church 08 Real del Arrabal street 09 Real del Arrabal street 10 Real del Arrabal street
11 Real del Arrabal street 12 Valmardon gate 13 Valmardon gate 14 Valmardon gate
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