With 3.4 million inhabitants Madrid is the capital of Spain and its largest city. Madrid lies in the centre of Spain on the Manzanares river at about 650m of altitude. It is connected by a network of high speed trains and motorways to all major urban centres in Spain. While the area of Madrid has been settled since prehistoric times and hosted a settlement in Roman times, the current city was initially set up in the 9th century under Arabic rule. The city was conquered by the Christian kings in 1085 and has expanded ever since. It was made the capital of the Spanish empire by Felipe II in 1561. The centre of Madrid contains a number of tourist attractions such as the royal palace and gardens, the Prado museum, the area around Cibeles square and Alcalá street, Plaza Mayor and the old town. Overall the architecture in Madrid however is more austere than the one of Barcelona. The climate of Madrid is mediterranean continental with cold winters and hot summers.
01 Puerta del Sol square 02 Taberna San Isidro restaurant 03 Yellow building 04 San Isidro church
05 Plaza de la Villa with townhall 06 Italian institute of culture 07 La Almudena cathedral 08 La Almudena cathedral
09 Cupola of La Almudena cathedral 10 Spires of La Almudena cathedral 11 La Almudena cathedral 12 Bailen street 13 Teatro Real theatre 14 Arenal pedestrian area
15 Roof detail 16 Sol square 17 Cupola 18 Puerta del Sol square 19 Posada del Peine at night
20 Posada del Peine at night 21 Pub at night 22 Cafeteria restaurant at night 23 Building with cupola at night 24 Puerta del Sol square at night
01 Canalejas square 02 Roof tower 03 Quadriga on BBVA building 04 Hotel door 05 Illuminated building facade 06 BBVA building at night
07 Quadriga on BBVA building 08 BBVA building at night 09 Alcala and Sevilla streets at night 10 Metropolis building at night
11 Metropolis building at night 12 Alcala and Gran Via streets at night 13 Metropolis building at night 14 Metropolis building at night
15 Bank of Spain at night
01 Plaza de Armas square
02 Plaza de Armas square 03 Royal palace
04 Royal palace 05 Lamppost 06 Lamppost 07 Facade with emblems and bells 08 Royal palace 09 Campo del Moro gardens
10 Campo del Moro gardens 11 Fountain in Campo del Moro gardens 12 Fountain in Campo del Moro gardens 13 Fountain in Campo del Moro gardens 14 Royal palace
15 Royal palace 16 Campo del Moro gardens 17 Campo del Moro gardens 18 Campo del Moro gardens 19 Campo del Moro gardens 20 Campo del Moro gardens
01 Edificio Espana building 02 Fountain behind Cervantes monument 03 Fountain behind Cervantes monument 04 Cervantes monument 05 Torre de Madrid and Cervantes monument
06 Statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza 07 Building on Plaza Espana 08 Building facade 09 Estacion del Norte station 10 Estacion del Norte station
11 Mall in Estacion del Norte 12 Estacion del Norte station 13 Estacion del Norte station 01 Calle Postas street 02 Calle Postas street
03 Street artist 04 Plaza Mayor 05 Plaza Mayor
06 Plaza Mayor 07 Lamppost 08 Plaza Mayor 09 Casa de la Panaderia 10 Emblem on facade
11 Casa de la Panaderia 12 Spire 13 Gate to Calle Postas 14 Plaza Mayor 15 Felipe III equestrian statue
16 Facade with frescoes 17 Spire 18 Emblem 19 Window 20 Caricaturists
21 Plaza Mayor 22 Plaza Mayor 01 Ministry of the environment and agriculture 02 Tower
03 Ministry of the environment and agriculture 04 Pedestrian area in Paseo del Prado 05 Ministerio de Sanidad, Politica Social e Igualdad 06 Fountain 07 Floral decorations
08 Prado museum 09 Palace hotel 10 Neptuno square and fountain 11 Double-decker tourist bus
12 Neptuno square 13 Fountain statue 14 Banco de Espana baroque building 15 Banco de Espana baroque building
16 Banco de Espana baroque building 17 Cariatides building 18 Post office building 19 Cibeles square
20 Post office building at night 21 Post office building at night 22 Fuente de Cibeles fountain 23 Instituto Cervantes
01 Atocha railway station 02 Cupola of Santa Teresa and San Jose church 03 San Miguel market 04 San Miguel market
05 San Miguel market 06 San Miguel market 07 San Miguel market 08 San Miguel market 09 San Miguel market
10 Atocha railway station at dusk 11 Atocha railway station at dusk
12 Atocha railway station at dusk
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