At the southern end of the Costa de la Luz is an area of beautiful, windswept beaches with fine white sand. These start in Tarifa and extend for many km to the northwest. Due to the strong winds conditions for sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing are ideal hre. In fact the area around Tarifa is a wind- and kitesurfing Mecca and attracts a large number of tourists every year. Kitesurfing is a watersport in which a kitesurfer is riding across the sea on a small surfboard, propelled by wind pushing a large kite. The photos below were taken near a kitesurfing school north of Tarifa. This beach was a hive of activity with many kitesurfers crisscrossing the sea at high speed and even more relaxing on the beach. Quite a few cool people, both male and female.
01 Kites in the sky 02 Kites in the sky 03 Beach and kites
04 Beach and kites 05 Beach and kites 06 Kites in the sky
07 Kites in the sky 08 Kites in the sky 09 Kitesurfers and kites
10 Access to the beach 11 Beach and kites 12 Kites on the beach
13 Beach
14 Beach 15 Beach
16 Beach 17 Kitesurfer 18 Kitesurfer 19 Beach
20 Kitesurfer 21 Kitesurfer 22 Kitesurfers in the sea 23 Kitesurfer
24 Kitesurfers 25 Leading edge inflatable kites 26 Leading edge inflatable kites 27 Kitesurfing beach
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