Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, its largest city and its political, cultural and economic centre. The city has been strongly influenced by Slovaks, Germans, Hungarians, Czechs, Austrians and Jews. Bratislava lies on both banks of the river Danube and is only an hour's drive from the border with the Czech Republic. It is the only capital in the world which borders two countries.
Bratislava has undergone a lot of development since Slovakia achieved independence in 1993. The old buildings in the city centre have been restaurated, the old town has been cleaned up and art works have been added, probably to make Bratislava more attractive for tourists and because the local economy has substantially developed since independence.
01 Church 02 Square and church 03 Church 04 Alley 05 Alley
06 Hlavne square and church 07 Red tourist cars 08 Postcards and tourist books 09 Jesuit church 10 Alley
11 Building 12 Alley 13 Church clock tower 14 Alley 15 Restaurant chairs and tables on alley 16 Church of the Holy Trinity
17 Michael gate 18 Michael gate 19 Michael gate 20 Michael gate 21 White building 22 White building
23 Austrian embassy 24 St Martin cathedral 25 Hlavne square 26 Roof with statues 27 Golden dragon signboard
01 Hviezdoslavovo square 02 Building facade 03 Fountain and red balloons 04 Hviezdoslavovo square and Carlton hotel 05 Slovak National theatre
06 Roof of the Slovak National theatre 07 Slovak National theatre 08 Fountain 09 Red tourist cars 10 Hviezdoslavovo square
11 Bronze statue of woman 12 Slovak filharmonia building 13 Slovak filharmonia building 01 Medieval castle 02 Medieval castle
03 Panoramic view and Danube river 04 Panoramic view and Danube river 05 St Martin dome
06 St Martin dome clock tower 07 Panoramic view 08 New bridge over the Danube river 09 Panoramic view
10 Michalska street 11 Castle at night 12 St Martin dome and Danube river at night
13 Skyline with Danube river at night
14 Skyline with Danube river at night 15 Skyline with Danube river at night
01 Grassalkovich presidential palace 02 Grassalkovich presidential palace 03 Street 04 Urad Vlady building
05 Urad Vlady building 06 Building and skyscraper 07 Park and Druzba fountain
08 Druzba fountain 09 Street
10 Hodzovo Mierove square and fountain 11 Housing area 12 Parked cars 13 Slovakian flags and Grassalkovich palace
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