Pictures of Arab Street, the Islamic Malay centre of Singapore. Here you can find the Sultan mosque, the Malay heritage centre and a number of shops selling batik and other handicrafts. Note the beautiful coloured house facades.
01 Malay heritage centre 02 Covered bench 03 Aliwal street 04 Facades of colonial style houses 05 Sultan gate pedestrian area
06 Sultan gate street with shops 07 Sultan gate street 08 Colourful windows 09 Pedestrian area 10 Colourful windows
11 Facade of Malay house 12 Victoria street 13 Colourful shophouse in Jalan Pinang 14 Carpet shophouse 15 Kandahar street
16 Row of shophouses in Kandahar street 17 Shophouse decorations in Kandahar street 18 Shophouses in Kandahar street
19 Shophouse in Kandahar street 20 Shophouse in Kandahar street 21 Rumah Makan Minang Indonesian restaurant 22 Rumah Makan Minang Indonesian restaurant 23 Atea centre building 24 Ayam Penyet Indonesian restaurant
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