The mountains between Jeddah and Taif are commonly referred to as the "Hijaz mountains". These mountains are located in the western part of Saudi Arabia and run parallel to the Red Sea coast. The Hijaz Mountains are known for their rugged terrain, scenic beauty, and cultural significance. In the southern Hijaz near Taif, where these pictures were taken, maximum elevations can reach 2000 metres or more above sea level.
The city of Taif is situated within these mountains, and they extend northward from Taif towards Jeddah. The Hijaz Mountains are part of the larger Sarawat Mountain Range that runs along the western edge of the Arabian Peninsula, as mentioned earlier. The terms "Hijaz Mountains" and "Sarawat Mountains" are often used interchangeably to describe this range in the context of Saudi Arabia.
The Hijaz Mountains are characterised by their diverse landscapes, which range from rocky peaks and cliffs to lush valleys and plateaus. The area is known for its cooler climate compared to the surrounding lowlands, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists seeking relief from the heat.
The mountains have historical and cultural significance, as they are home to various communities and have played a role in shaping the region's history and traditions. The city of Taif, located in these mountains, has its own unique charm and history, making it an important cultural and economic hub in the region.
01 Mountain road to Taif
02 Mountain road to Taif 03 Hijaz mountains 04 Hijaz mountains
05 Diffaq village 06 Diffaq village 07 Diffaq village
08 Mountain road to Taif 09 Mountain road to Taif 10 Hijaz mountains near Diffaq 11 Mountain road to Taif
12 Hijaz mountains 13 Hijaz mountains 14 Hijaz mountains
15 Hijaz mountains and car 16 Hijaz mountains 17 Hijaz mountains
18 Acacia tree 19 Hijaz mountains 20 Hijaz mountains near Ash Shafa
21 Hijaz mountains near Ash Shafa
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