The Al Ghat heritage village lies in an oasis about 250km northwest of Riyadh. The village is nowadays abandoned, with the local population most likely having moved to the modern settlement to the west of the heritage area. There is not that much left to see.
There is a museum which used to be the palace of the late Prince Nasser bin Saad Al-Sudairy and supposedly hosts a collection of paleolithic tools and petroglyphs, clothing and crafts. There are also two mosques, the Al-Ghat mosque and the Al-Oshaza mosque.
During my visit I ran into a retired man who was born here, then moved to the USA and finally returned to his birthplace. He offered to be my guide and showed me around a bit.
How to get to Al Ghat
Al Ghat can only be reached by car. It's 2 1/2 hours northwest of Riyadh and one hour southeast of Buraidah.
Google Maps shows some accomodation options in Al Ghat, although it's not clear if these are open. shows a very small number of hotels/motels in the larger area.
01 Al-Ghat museum 02 Al-Ghat museum 03 Al-Ghat museum 04 Al-Ghat mosque
05 Al-Ghat mosque 06 Al-Ghat heritage village
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