According to the UN definition Southern Europe consists of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Albania, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo. These countries have mostly mountainous territories and many border the Mediterranean sea. The climate in the region is characterised by warm/hot and dry summers and cool, wet winters. Southern European countries have variable levels of economic development: most EU countries have strong economies, while the successor countries of Yugoslavia and the former east bloc countries are less developed. Except for Albania and parts of Bosnia Herzegovina which are Muslim the region is predominantly Christian. Greece and Italy have been home to ancient civilisations which have had a major influence on current western civilisation. The Roman empire had its capital in Rome. Portugal and Spain have colonised large parts of the world and have spread Romance languages (Portuguese, Spanish) to large parts of the world.
Italy photo gallery  - 921 pictures of Italy
Spain photo gallery  - 894 pictures of Spain
921 photos of magnificent Rome, the Vatican city, Pisa and Florence in Tuscany and of the area of South Tyrol with its beautiful mountain scenery
894 photos of Spain, a large southwest European country with a rich cultural heritage
Portugal photo gallery  - 424 pictures of Portugal
Greece photo gallery  - 807 pictures of Greece
424 photos of the historic sites of Lisboa, Tomar, Fatima, Batalha, Alcobaca and Coimbra and the atlantic coast of the Algarve
807 photos of Greece, a country in southeastern Europe, the birthplace of Western democracy and philosophy
Cyprus photo gallery  - 555 pictures of Cyprus
555 photos of Cyprus, an island country in the eastern Mediterranean
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