Sighisoara (Schäßburg in German) is a small city of 28000 inhabitants located in Transylvania, on the banks of the Târnava Mare river. Sighisoara has a very attractive and interesting historic centre. It's a walled citadel on a hill overlooking the Târnava river. Inside the walls there are a number of buildings, some dating back to the High and Late Middle Ages. The most characteristic building is the clock tower (Turnul cu Ceas in Romanian), a 64m high tower from the 14th century whose task was to defend the main gate of the citadel. The centre of the citadel is Cetatii square (Burgplatz in German), a rectangular square surrounded by pastel-coloured houses.
Most restaurants and hotels are immediately south and west of the citadel. The black and white Holy trinity church is a Romanian Orthodox church built in Neo-Byzantine style on the northern bank of the Târnava river.
Sighisoara was founded in the 12th century by German settlers who were invited to Transylvania by the king of Hungary. The historic centre of Sighişoara has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999.
How to get to Sighisoara
Sighisoara doesn't have an airport, but is accessible by road (with a car or by bus) or by train.
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, all bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Clock tower 02 1st December 1918 street 03 1st December 1918 street 04 Flowers 05 Clock tower
06 Clock tower 07 Museum square 08 House of Dracula
09 Museum square 10 Citadel 11 Fortress square 12 Burgplatz
13 Fortress square 14 Cetatii square 15 Casa Saseasca pension 16 Covered stairway 17 Joseph Haltrich high school
18 Citadel and clock tower 19 Covered stairway 20 School street 21 School street 22 School street 23 Casa Saseasca pension
24 Clock tower 25 Clock tower 26 Bootmakers tower 27 St Joseph roman catholic church 28 Holy trinity church 29 Holy trinity church
30 House roofs 31 Sighisoara skyline
32 Church of the Dominican monastery 33 Clock tower 34 Church of the Dominican monastery 35 Cetatii square
36 Clock tower 37 Clock tower 38 Access path to old town with clock tower
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