Sibiu (Hermannstadt in German) is a city in Transylvania with a population of 147000 inhabitants. It is located in the plains, immediately north of the southern Carpathian mountain range. Sibiu has a very elegant and beautiful historic core, surrounded by city walls and centered around Piata Mare (the Great square), a large rectangular square measuring 140m x 90m. On this square are a number of significant buildings, such as the Brukenthal museum, the city hall and the Council tower. The old town contains several other historic buildings and churches.
Sibiu has been primarily shaped by the Transylvanian Saxons, who immigrated into the country in the 13th century and until the 20th century were the largest ethnic group in Sibiu.
How to get to Sibiu
Sibiu has an international airport with direct flights to several European cities. It is also accessible by road or by train.
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, all bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Sunset 02 Filarmonica de Stat - Sala Thalia 03 Great square 04 Houses on Piata Mare 05 Great square
06 Brukenthal museum 07 Piata Mare square 08 Great square
09 Council tower 10 Piata Mare square 11 Council tower 12 Great square
13 Brukenthal museum and city hall 14 OMV petrol station 15 Chinese tourists 16 Great square
17 Sibiu Lutheran cathedral 18 Piata Mica square 19 Avram Iancu street 20 Bridge of lies 21 Council tower
22 Council tower 23 Piata Mica square 24 Strada Turnului 25 Samuel von Brukenthal national college
26 Albert Huet square 27 Holy trinity cathedral 28 Piata Mare square 29 Nicolae Balcescu pedestrian street
30 Shopping city Sibiu mall 31 Shopping city Sibiu mall 32 Shopping city Sibiu mall
33 Shopping city Sibiu mall 34 Shopping city Sibiu mall
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