Located in the plains of southeast Romania, Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania. Almost two million people live in Bucharest, i.e. one tenth of the population of Romania. The urban area of Bucharest extends for about 20km from east to west and 20km from south to north. The city was founded quite late in the 15th century and became the capital of Romania in 1862.
A large part of the historical heritage of Bucharest was destroyed during World War II, by several earthquakes and during the communist period. As a result, Bucharest has fewer old historic buildings than other European capitals, although it does have in interesting historic core around Calea Victoriei, a long street intersecting the historic core from North to South. Among the key sights are the Palace of the Parliament, a large building with a floor area of 365000m² and some parks, such as the Dimitrie Gusti national village museum in the north of Bucharest for instance. Bucharest has an own underground mass transit system. Overall Bucharest is an interesting city to visit for a day or two.
How to get to Bucharest
Bucharest has an international airport (Otopeni) north of the city and is also reachable by car, bus or train.
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, all bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Unirii square 02 Unirea shopping centre
03 Fountain on Unirii square 04 Fountain on Unirii square 05 Boulevard Unirii fountains 06 Boulevard Unirii fountains
07 Palace of the parliament 08 Boulevard Unirii
09 Palace of the parliament 10 Fountains on Unirii square 11 Fountains on Unirii square
12 Saint Spyridon the new church 13 Palace of the parliament 01 Romanian Athenaeum 02 Romanian Athenaeum
03 Romanian Athenaeum concert hall 04 Caju cafe 05 Central university library Carol I
06 Central university library Carol I 07 Ministry of internal affairs 08 Revolution square 09 Skateboarding on Revolution square
10 Skateboarding on revolution square 11 Iuliu Maniu statue 12 Iuliu Maniu statue 13 Fountain 14 Grand Hotel Continental 15 Odeon theatre
16 Biserica Zlatari church 17 Zlatari church reflection 18 Zlatari church reflection 19 Biserica Zlatari church 20 Biserica Zlatari
21 National museum of Romanian history 22 Biserica Buna Vestire church 23 Biserica Buna Vestire church 24 Biserica Buna Vestire church
25 Baratia church 01 Entrance 02 Oltenian house 03 Oltenian house 04 Oltenian houses
05 Oltenian houses 06 Oltenian houses 07 Stone sheep winter shed 08 Cellar with larder 09 Wooden rain shelter
10 Muntenian house 11 Turea wooden church 12 Stone house with reed roof 13 Turea wooden church 14 Turea wooden church
15 Turea cemetery 16 Turea wooden church 17 Turea wooden churchand cemetery 18 Hunedoara house 19 Church tower and Moldavian house
20 Moldavian reed roof house 21 Moldavian reed roof house 22 Moldavian reed roof house 23 Moldavian house 24 Moldavian house windows
25 Timiseni wooden church 26 Timiseni wooden church 27 Old wooden pit house 28 Pit house
29 Lippovan house 30 Path 31 Dragomiresti wooden church 32 Dragomiresti wooden church
33 Muntenian house 01 King Michael I park 02 Bicycles for rent 03 Arcul de Triumf 04 Arcul de Triumf
05 Arcul de Triumf 06 Casin church 07 Former Ceausescu residence 08 Ceausescu palace
01 AFI Cotroceni shopping mall 02 AFI Cotroceni shopping mall 03 AFI Cotroceni shopping mall 04 AFI Cotroceni shopping mall 05 AFI Cotroceni shopping mall
06 Fountain 07 AFI Cotroceni shopping mall 08 AFI Cotroceni shopping mall 09 Orange lilies
10 Overflowing manhole cover 11 Car driving through water puddle 12 Car driving through water puddle
13 Gara de Nord 14 Gara de Nord train station 15 Gara de Nord train station 16 Subway station
17 Underground station 18 Train arriving in underground station 19 People entering train
20 Bucharest airport 21 Otopeni airport
22 Bucharest airport
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