Brasov is a significant city in Transylvania with an interesting and well-preserved historic core. With 290000 inhabtants it is also one of the largest cities in Romania. The city has been settled since prehistoric times, but started developing in the 13th century, when the Hungarian king invited German colonists to settle and develop the area. As a result, the centre of Brasov has the character and look of a medieval German town.
Brasov has a beautiful historic core centered around Piața Sfatului (council square), a large square surrounded by picturesque rows of houses. A significant part of the historic core has been converted to pedestrian areas where tourists can find many restaurants, cafes and shops.
How to get to Brasov
An airport is under construction and is scheduled to open in 2020. Brasov is accessible by train or by car (less than three hours from Bucharest).
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, all bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Sica Alexandrescu theatre 02 Post office 03 Strada Republicii pedestrian area 04 Strada Republicii pedestrian area 05 Restaurant in Strada Republicii
06 Strada Republicii pedestrian area 07 Building facade 08 Biserica Sfanta Adormire a Maicii Domnului 09 St Peter and Paul catholic cathedral 10 Council square
11 Council square
12 Piata Sfatului square 13 County museum of history 14 Piata Sfatului square
15 Fountain on Piata Sfatului 16 Restaurant in Michael Weiss street 17 Michael Weiss pedestrian area 18 Michael Weiss street 19 Black church
20 Historic core of Brasov 21 Historic core of Brasov 22 Tampa cable car 23 Historic core of Brasov 24 Historic core of Brasov
25 Brasov 26 Piata Sfatului square 27 Historic core of Brasov
28 County museum of history 29 Black church 30 Historic core of Brasov 31 Building facade 32 Building facade
33  Brasov Hollywood sign 34 Piata Sfatului square
35 Council square 36 Piata Sfatului square 37 Fountain on Piata Sfatului
38 Black church 39 County museum of history 40 Council square 41 Biserica Sfanta Adormire a Maicii Domnului
42 Biserica Sfanta Adormire a Maicii Domnului 43 Council square 44 Nicolae Titulescu park 45 Citadel
46 Citadel 47 View of modern Brasov 48 Fire breathing performance on council square
49 Romanian restaurant 50 Italian restaurant 51 Cerbul Carpatin restaurant 52 Strada Republicii pedestrian area 53 Pub 54 Strada Republicii pedestrian area
55 Strada Republicii pedestrian area 56 Prefecture of Brasov 57 Prefecture of Brasov 58 Sica Alexandrescu theatre
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