Zamość is a small historical city of 63000 inhabitants, located in southeast Poland, 250km southeast of Warsaw, not far from the border to Ukraine. The city was founded in 1580 by Jan Zamoyski, who modeled it after an Italian Renessaince town. Nowadays it still retains the original street layout, fortifications and a large number of original buildings blending Venetian and central European architectural traditions.
The highlight (and centre) of Zamosc is the big market square (Rynek Wielki w Zamościu), a rectangular square surrounded by colourful buildings and dominated by the town hall with its huge tower.
Besides the market square there is a large church (the Roman Catholic Church of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary), but not much else.
The historic centre of Zamość has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1992.
How to get to Zamość
The closest airport is in Lublin, about 80km from Zamosc. Otherwise it is possible to reach Zamosc by car ot by train.
There are a number of hotels and other accomocation options, in and around Zamosc, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic church 02 Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic church 03 Town hall 04 Town hall
05 Market square 06 Houses on market square 07 Houses on market square 08 Houses on market square
09 Town hall 10 Rynek market square 11 Houses on market square 12 Rynek market square 13 Town hall
14 Town hall 15 Rynek market square 16 Houses on market square 17 Colonnade 18 Colonnade
19 Salt market square 20 Salt market square 21 Salt market square 22 New Lublin gate 23 Synagogue
24 Cavalier fortification 25 Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic church 26 Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic church 27 Rynek market square
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