The Wieliczka salt mine is located 15km southeast of Krakow and is a major tourist attraction. A UNESCO world heritage site since 1978, the mine contains 300km of passageways on nine levels, the result of ten centuries of continuos excavation. Inside the mine are many statues carved out of the salt by the miners and a number of halls. The mine is accessed by walking down a long and winding wooden staircase. The tour involves walking through a number of chambers and passageways and takes three hours. The deepest point accessible to tourists is 110m below ground level.
01 Entrance building 02 Entrance building 03 Steam locomotive 04 Bench in the park 05 Wooden staircase
06 Wooden staircase 07 Corridor 08 Group of salt rock statues 09 Salt rock statue of king
10 Wooden winch 11 St Kinga chapel 12 Basrelief of Joseph and Mary 13 Salt rock statue of John Paul II 14 Wooden staircase
15 Underground lake 16 Reception hall with chairs and tables
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