Poznań is a large city of 532000 inhabitants in western Poland on the river Warta, 300km west of Warsaw and 300km south of Gdansk. It has a nice historic core centered on the market square, although many of the buildings are replicas rebuilt after World War II.
The city was founded in the 9th century on the island of Ostrów Tumski, during the reign of Poland’s first ruler, Duke Mieszko I. It was the royal seat of Poland until 1038, after which it continued to develop as a commercial centre. Poznan was damaged in the mid-17th century by Swedish, Prussian and Russian armies and was annexed by Prussia in 1793. It became again part of Poland after World War I.
The Posnania mall is a large and modern mann 2km southeast of the city centre. It has 220 boutiques, 40 cafes and restaurants and 40 medium- and large-sized shops.
How to get to Poznań
Poznań has an airport with flights to a number of European cities. It can also easily be reached by train or by car.
There are many hotels and other accomodation options, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Town hall at night 02 Town hall at night 03 Town hall at night 04 Old market square at night 05 Old market square at night
06 Old market square at night 07 Old market square at night 08 Old market square at night 09 House row on market square
10 Town hall tower at night 11 Wielkopolska uprising museum 12 Town hall at night 13 Town hall tower at night 14 Town hall at night 15 Town hall at night
16 Town hall at night 17 Wielka pedestrian area 18 Wielka pedestrian area 19 Merchants houses 20 Merchants houses
21 Old market square 22 Town hall 23 Town hall 24 Town hall 25 Town hall 26 Town hall
27 Building on market square 28 Town hall tower at night 29 Old market square 30 St John Nepomuk statue
31 Posnania mall interior 32 Posnania mall interior 33 Posnania mall interior 34 Posnania mall interior
35 Food court in Posnania mall 36 Posnania mall entrance hall 37 Lucie sculpture 38 Lucie sculpture 39 Lucie sculpture
40 Posnania shopping mall 41 Posnania shopping mall 42 Posnania shopping mall
43 Posnania shopping mall 44 Posnania mall 45 Posnania mall
46 Posnania shopping mall
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