The Masurian lake district is a region of 52000 km² in northeastern Poland, close to the borders of Russia, Lithuania and Belarus. It's a relatively flat area with over 2000 lakes, about 200km north of Warsaw.
The region was shaped by glaciers during the Pleistocene ice age, the last glacial period which ended 11700 years ago. Many of its hills are parts of moraines and many of its lakes are moraine-dammed lakes.
Both Mrągowo and Mikołajki are important tourist centres in the Masurian lake district. Mikołajki is located near the Śniardwy, the largest lake of both the Masurian lake district and Poland. It has a pleasant waterfront with shops, restaurants and a marina for sailboats.
How to get to the Masurian lake district
The closest airport is the Olsztyn-Mazury airport in Szymany, about 70km from the Masurian lake district. It's also possible to drive by car to the region.
Being a major tourist area in Poland, there are many hotels and other accomodation options, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Shops and stage in Mikolajki 02 Flower bed 03 Flower bed 04 Mikolajki suspension bridge 05 Mikolajki waterfront
06 Mikolajki waterfront 07 Mikolajki waterfront 08 Tourist boats in Mikolajki
09 Mikolajki waterfront 10 Mikolajki waterfront 11 Mikolajki waterfront 12 Mikolajki Holy Trinity church
13 Mikolajskie lake 14 Mikolajki house roof 15 Mikolajki
16 Mikolajki waterfront 17 Mikolajki waterfront 18 Boats in Mikolajki
19 Boats in Mikolajki 20 Boats in Mikolajki 21 Boats in Mikolajki 22 Boats in Mikolajki
23 Brick house in Mikolajki 24 Mikolajki 25 Ice cream parlour in Mikolajki 26 Rynek square in Mikolajki 27 Rynek square in Mikolajki
28 Mikolajki 29 Mikolajki 30 Mikolajki lakeside promenade 31 Mikolajki Holy Trinity church 32 Mikolajki Holy Trinity church
33 Mikolajki lakeside promenade 34 Maja street in Mikolajki 35 Park in Mikolajki 36 Park in Mikolajki 37 Sniardwy lake in Niedzwiedzi Rog
38 Sniardwy lake
39 Sniardwy lake
40 Sniardwy lake in Niedzwiedzi Rog 41 Seagulls 42 Sniardwy lake 43 Sniardwy lake
44 Sniardwy lake 45 Sniardwy lake in Niedzwiedzi Rog 46 Sniardwy lake 47 Boats in Sniardwy lake 48 Street in Niedzwiedzi Rog
49 Sniardwy lake in Niedzwiedzi Rog 50 Sniardwy lake in Niedzwiedzi Rog 51 Boats in Sniardwy lake 52 Sniardwy lake
53 Mragowo museum
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