Krakow is a large city in the southeast of Poland, not far from the border to Slovakia. It has been the ancient capital of Poland and the residence of its kings for centuries. Krakow is the only major city in Poland which wasn't damaged during World War II and as such retains to a large extent its cultural heritage. Krakow was founded in the 7th century and was the capital of Poland between 1038 and 1569. The city and the area surrounding it attract a large number of tourists every year who come to visit its old town and the sights in the region around Krakow. The historic centre of Krakow has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1978.
01 Cafes on Rynek square 02 Stained glass window in town hall tower 03 Town hall tower 04 Sukiennice hall interior 05 White horse carriage
06 Sukiennice hall
07 Panoramic view of the Main Square 08 Sukiennice hall
09 Panoramic view of the Main Square 10 Decorated facade 11 White horse carriage and Sukiennice 12 Palac Bonerowski hotel
13 Panoramic view of the Main Square at dusk 14 Sukiennice hall at night 15 Mariacki church and horse carriage
01 St Mary basilica at night 02 St Mary basilica at night 03 St Mary basilica 04 St Mary basilica 05 Tip of the northern tower 06 Altar
07 High altar 08 Pulpit 09 Roof decorated with star sky 10 Church interior with high altar 11 Interior of the basilica 12 Interior of the basilica
13 Black altar 14 Crucifix 15 Altar 16 Altar 17 High altar 18 Roof decorated with star sky
19 Interior of the basilica 20 St Mary basilica towers 21 St Mary basilica 01 Kazimierz town hall 02 Kazimierz town hall 03 Kowea Itim le-Tora synagogue
04 Jewish restaurant cafe 05 Tempel synagogue 06 Isaac synagogue 07 Judaica foundation - Centre for Jewish culture 08 Liceum ogolnoksztalcace high school
09 Old synagogue 10 Fence in Menorah shape 11 Szeroka street
12 Jewish cemetery 13 Jewish cemetery 01 Dominican church 02 Dominican church
03 Dominican church 04 Saints Peter and Paul church 05 Saints Peter and Paul church 06 Saints Peter and Paul church interior 07 St Florian church 08 Corpus Christi basilica
09 Corpus Christi basilica 10 Gate of Pauline church 11 Pauline church 12 Pauline church interior 01 Wawel complex
02 Wawel complex 03 Cathedral 04 Cathedral 05 Wawel complex
06 Cathedral tower 07 Wawel complex 08 Cathedral 09 Golden dome of cathedral
10 Inner court of castle 11 Castle passageway 12 Cathedral 13 Cathedral clock tower
14 Cathedral 15 Cathedral tower and statue 16 Wawel complex 17 Statue of Wawel dragon
18 Wawel on Vistula river at night 19 Wawel on Vistula river at night 01 Cafe restaurant 02 Slawkowska street and Globe House
03 Florianska gate 04 Krakow barbican 05 Galeria Krakowska shopping mall 06 Galeria Krakowska shopping mall
07 Galeria Krakowska shopping mall 08 Interior of Galeria Krakowska 09 Krakow skyline with Wavel
10 Seminary and Saints Peter and Paul church 11 Seminary priest school 12 Seminary priest school 13 Seminary priest school 14 Seminary priest school
15 House of Karol Wojtyla 16 Marka street in pedestrian area 17 Bakery 18 Food court in mall
01 Vistula river 02 Vistula river 03 Vistula river
04 Wawel skyline at night 05 Wawel on Vistula river at night 06 Wawel on Vistula river at night
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