South of the Wawel lies Kazimierz, the former Jewish quarter of Krakow, where most of its Jewish population was living. A Jewish cemetery, several old buildings and synagogues are located here, remnants of its Jewish past. Nowadays Kazimierz attractes a lare number of visitors. Several cafes, bars and clubs have opened here in recent years.
01 Kazimierz town hall 02 Kazimierz town hall 03 Kowea Itim le-Tora synagogue 04 Jewish restaurant cafe 05 Tempel synagogue
06 Isaac synagogue 07 Judaica foundation - Centre for Jewish culture 08 Liceum ogolnoksztalcace high school 09 Old synagogue
10 Fence in Menorah shape 11 Szeroka street 12 Jewish cemetery 13 Jewish cemetery
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