The impressive main prayer hall (musalla) is the highlight of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Its external dimensions are 74.4m x 74.4m while the inner hall has an area of 4343 sqm and is covered by the the world's second largest hand-woven carpet with an area of 60m x 70m. The chandelier above the praying hall is 14 meters tall. The entire prayer hall is beautifully decorated with Islamic patterns.
01 Chandelier 02 Decorated pillar 03 Main chandelier and central dome 04 Prayer carpet 05 Prayer carpet
06 Main prayer hall 07 Main chandelier and central dome 08 Main chandelier 09 Main chandelier
10 Main chandelier 11 Roof decorations 12 Roof decorations 13 Arches and lamps
14 Decorated pillar 15 Prayer hall 16 Wall decorations 17 Mihrab 18 Blind niche 19 Wall decorations
20 Main chandelier and central dome 21 Main chandelier 22 Prayer hall 23 Central dome decorations 24 Central dome decorations
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