The Musandam peninsula forms the northeastern tip of the Aranian peninsula and protrudes into the strait of Hormuz. The peninsula is part of Oman, but is separated from Oman by the east coast of the U.A.E. It measures roughly 92km from north to south and 40km from east to west. The peninsula is mostly mountainous and is very scenic due to its beautiful khors (fjord-like sea arms) at its northern end. Musandam is accessible from Oman either by plane or by ferry from Muscat. From Dubai (in the U.A.E.) it's an easy three hours drive along the coastal road (Dubai-Khasab). When crossing the border there is a 30 AED/person tax to exit the U.A.E. and a 50 AED/person fee to enter Oman. The border procedures take roughly one hour.
The main administrative and touristic centre is Khasab on the west coast. From here boats do dolphin-watching tours to the rocky inlets and fjords of Musandam. The interior of the peninsula is equally interesting and scenic. Part of it is accessible on sealed roads with saloon cars, while for instance Jebel Harim required a 4WD car.
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16 photos of the coast of Musandam with its countless bays, promontories, long sea arms and mountains
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