Rustaq is a small city of 26000 inhabitants in Oman's interior, about 110km west of Muscat, in the Al Batinah region of northern Oman. The city has a fort which was built in 1711. Ibri is the capital of the Al-Dharirah region. Nizwa lies in an oasis, about two hours by car southwest of Muscat. It's a major tourist centre in Oman, with a fort and a souk as its main attractions. During the 6th and 7th centuries it was the capital of Oman. Bahla lies in a palm tree oasis about 40km from Nizwa. It has one of the oldest fortresses in Oman, the 13th century Bahla fort. This has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1987. Misfat is a small, ancient village in the mountains near Bahla. It is accessible via a narrow mountain road and is surrounded by palm tree and banana plantations. Al Hamra is village at the foot of the Hajar mountains, one of the oldest in Oman. Al Mudayrib is a small village close to the Wahiba desert, located in a palm tree oasis. There are several towers likely used for defensive purposes and the ruins of some 18th century buildings.
01 Rustaq fort 02 Rustaq fort 03 Palm trees 04 Palm trees 05 Rustaq fort
06 Rustaq fort 07 Mud house ruin 08 Minaret 09 Mosque 10 Sultan Qaboos mosque in Rustaq
11 Al Araqi fort in Ibri 12 Al Araqi fort in Ibri 13 Al Araqi fort in Ibri 14 Nizwa souk
15 Nizwa souk and parking 16 Cattle truck 17 Cattle truck
18 In the Nizwa souk 19 Old man in Nizwa souk 20 Old man in Nizwa 21 Nizwa fort gate
22 Nizwa fort 23 People crossing the street 24 Nizwa roundabout 25 Nizwa fort
26 Nizwa fort 27 Nizwa fort
28 Panoramic view of Nizwa 29 Al Qala mosque Nizwa 30 Palm trees 31 Minaret
32 Cannon 33 Nizwa fort 34 Sultan Qaboos mosque in Bahla 35 Bahla fort
36 Bahla fort 37 Bahla fort 38 Bahla 39 Alley in Bahla 40 Alley in Bahla
41 Bahla fort 42 Bahla fort 43 Bahla fort 44 Bahla fort
45 Bahla
46 Bahla 47 Misfat watchtower
48 Palm trees 49 Misfat 50 Alley in Misfat 51 Misfat 52 Misfat water pool
53 Misfat water pool 54 Palm trees 55 Misfat tower 56 Misfat
57 Al Hamra 58 Road Ibra to Al Qabil
59 Road Ibra to Al Qabil 60 Al Mudayrib 61 Al Mudayrib tower 62 Al Mudayrib
63 Al Mudayrib mud house ruins 64 Al Mudayrib tower 65 Al Mudayrib tower 66 Al Mudayrib
67 Al Mudayrib castle 68 Palm trees in Al Mudayrib 69 Irrigation canal in Al Mudayrib 70 Irrigation canal
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