The Trollstigen is a narrow and winding mountain road which in overcomes a steep rock wall, climbing with a series of serpentines (some only wide enough to let one car pass) 405 metres of height difference, starting from the Isterdalen valley. The overall road connects Åndalsnes with Valldal. At the viewpoint above the cliffs, at 700m of altitude, there is a visitor centre from where a staircase leads down to a viewing platform. The Trollstigen road was opened in 1936 after eight years of construction.
01 Trollstigen rocks 02 Stigfossen waterfall 03 Stigfossen waterfall 04 Trollstigen road and waterfalls
05 Trollstigen road and waterfalls 06 Hut 07 Trollstigen 08 Trollstigen
09 Viewing platform 10 Trollstigen and Isterdalen valley 11 Trollstigen and Isterdalen valley 12 Trollstigen road
13 Trollstigen road 14 Trollstigen waterfall 15 Trollstigen waterfall 16 Trollstigen road 17 Trollstigen road 18 Stigfossen waterfall
19 Staircase to platform 20 Trollstigen road 21 Viewing platform 22 Viewing platform 23 Visitor centre
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