The road between Trondheim and Ålesund passes through the coastal Møre og Romsdal county. The direct route is 300km long and can be done in less than six hours of driving. The detour via Kristiansund and the Atlanterhavsveien coastal road (365km, seven hours of driving) is however much more interesting and scenic, well worth the extra time.
The road quickly reaches the southern side of the Vinjefjord / Valsøyfjord. In Halsa cars cross the fjord with the ferry to Kanestraum. From there it's a relatively short drive to Kristiansund, turning right at the Gjemnessundbrua suspension bridge on Bergsøya island.
Kristiansund is a small city of 18000 inhabitants on an island near the coast. The city is cute, but lacks old, historic buildings since most were destroyed during world war II. It's however a good place where to briefly break the journey.
Immediately southwest of Kristiansund the scenic Atlanterhavsveien (Atlantic Ocean Road) starts. This is an 8 km long section of the county road 64 which runs along the coast on several small islands and rocky islets. Along this road there are a number of car parkings and viewpoints. In Askevågen there is a glass platform with nice views of the islands.
01 Valsoyfjord wooden church 02 Ferry Halsa-Kanestraum 03 Ferry Halsa-Kanestraum 04 Gjemnessundbrua suspension bridge
05 Gjemnessundbrua suspension bridge
06 Kristiansund
07 Kristiansund
08 Kristiansund 09 Haholmen parking on Atlanterhavsveien 10 Plastic crab sculpture
11 Lyngholmen islet on Atlanterhavsveien 12 Lyngholmen islet on Atlanterhavsveien 13 Storseisund bridge on Atlanterhavsveien
14 Storseisund bridge on Atlanterhavsveien 15 Storseisund bridge on Atlanterhavsveien 16 Storseisund bridge on Atlanterhavsveien
17 Skarvoya parking on Atlanterhavsveien 18 Atlanterhavsveien coastal road 19 Strada Atlantica
20 View over Malbukta from Askevagen 21 Houses in Askevagen
22 Korsholman island 23 Korsholman island
24 Askevagen lighthouse 25 Car ferry Molde-Vestnes 26 Molde 27 Aker Stadion in Molde
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