With an area of 526 km² Austvågøya is the largest of the islands of the Lofoten archipelago. It's also the easternmost and extends for 40km from northeast to southwest and 30km from northwest to southeast at its widest point. The terrain is mostly mountainous, with only a few small coastal plains (mainly beaches). The largest city, Svolvær, has ferry connections to the mainland.
01 Purple fireweed flowers on northern coast 02 Valbukta bay 03 Sloverfjorden
04 Slover fjord 05 Sloverfjorden 06 Sloverfjorden tunnel 07 Sloverfjorden tunnel
08 Mountains around Sloverfjorden 09 Sloverfjorden 10 Mountains around Sloverfjorden
11 Sloverfjorden 12 Austnes fjord
13 Austnes fjord 14 Rulten mountain 15 Rema supermarket in Svolvaer
16 Svolvaer
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