Jostedalsbreen is the largest glacier in mainland Europe. It covers and area of 474 km², extending over 40km x 15km and reaching a maximum depth of 500m. It is located in Vestland county in Western Norway. At its highest point the glacier reaches an altitude of 1957m, while at the lowest point the ice goes down to just 300m of altitude. Due to the not so cold temperatures the glacier has a high melting rate; it is essentially maintained by the high snowfall rates.
The glacier has a large number of arms, of which Bøyabreen in the Fjærland area is shown in the photos below. Bøyabreen is easily accessible by car. There is a parking, after which it's a 300m walk to the glacier viewpoint.
The Lustrafjord is a side arm of the Sognefjord, the largest and deepest fjord in Norway.
01 Eidsvatnet lake 02 Skjolden 03 Eidsvatnet lake 04 Eidsvatnet lake
05 Lustra fjord 06 Lustra fjord
07 Lustra fjord 08 Bøyabreen glacier parking
09 Bøyabreen glacier parking 10 Forest 11 Forest 12 Mountainside
13 Boyabreen glacier 14 Waterfall 15 Brevatnet lake 16 Jostedalsbreen glacier
17 Boyabreen glacier 18 Jostedalsbreen glacier 19 Brevatnet lake 20 Brevatnet lake
21 Brevatnet lake 22 Brevatnet lake
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