These are some photos taken while travelling in central Norway, in southern Helgeland between the Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park and Trondheim. This is a pleasant rural area, with forests, meadows and many farms. We spent a night in a house in the mountains near Mosjoen. This was a very remote place in the middle of nowhere, only accessible via a narrow dirt track. The closest city was Mosjøen, 13km to the northwest.
In the winter and until late spring the entire area is heavily covered with snow. In that period locals travel about every two weeks to Mosjoen to buy supplies. Despite the remoteness of this place, there is Internet connection and mobile networks coverage.
People come to this place to pick cloudberries (Rubus chamaemorus, also known as knotberries or molte in Norwegian), which grow in the area. These are relatively rare orange-coloured berries, raspberry-sized aggregate fruits. These berries are not widely cultivated, but are in great demand in Scandinavia.
01 Meadows near Mosjoen 02 House near Mosjoen 03 Wooden cabin in southern Helgeland 04 Hut in Helgeland
05 Dirt track 06 Forest stream 07 Cloudberry 08 Knotberry 09 Cloudberry
10 Knotberry 11 Cloudberry 12 Cloudberry 13 Forest
14 Forest 15 Forest stream 16 Forest stream
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