Alta is a city of 20000 inhabitants located along the coast of Northern Norway in the Troms og Finnmark county. It's actually the largest urban centre of the entire northern region. It's a convenient location in which to break the journey from the North Cape to Tromsø.
Alta has been settled since prehistoric times (Komsa culture, a Mesolithic culture of hunter-gatherers around 10000 BC). During Word War II Alta was a centre for operations of the German army and was seriously destroyed by fire at the end of the war.
The Northern Lights cathedral in Alta was completed in 2013 and consists of concrete, wood and titanium sheets. Besides the cathedral the main reason to visit Alta is the petroglyphs museum, where there are several rock carvings, dating back up to 10000 years BC. The petroglyphs are spread over a wide area below the museum building. Some have been painted in red, to make them more easily recognisable. The Alta museum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
How to get to Alta
Alta can be reached by road and even has a small airport.
There are a few hotels and camping sites, most bookable via the international booking portals.
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