Ålesund is a small city of 66000 inhabitants located on the coast of southwest Norway, 370km northwest of Oslo. The city centre extends over two small islands which are interconnected with bridges and connected to the mainland with other bridges. Ålesund is connected with ferries to Bergen and can be used as a basis from which to explore the region. The city has an interesting and picturesque Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) core, with most buildings erected after the devastating fire of 1904.
The economy of Ålesund is quite strong. Ålesund is the base of the largest cod fishing fleet in Norway and also has a large furniture industry. It is also a service centre for the off-shore oil industry.
There are some good views of Ålesund from the viewpoint on Aksla hill above the harbour and the city park. A staircase goes down from here into the city centre, while a trail across the forest runs parallel to the coastal street.
How to get to Ålesund
Ålesund has an international airport, located 15km north of the city. It can also be reached by boat/ferry or by car.
The islands can be reached by car or ferry.
There are several, mostly pricey, accomodation options, all bookable via the international booking portals.
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