Northern Europe consists of the Scandinavian peninsula, Finland, the Baltic countries, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland. This region is mostly plain, with the exception of the Scandinavian mountains between Norway and Sweden and the mountains of Iceland. These mountains are one of the oldest still extant mountain ranges in the world and have been eroded to one-fifth of their original height. Despite the northern latitude the region enjoys a relatively mild climate due to the Gulf stream. Most countries in this region have achieved high development and prosperity levels.
Finland photo gallery  - 235 pictures of Finland
Denmark photo gallery  - 195 pictures of Denmark
Estonia photo gallery  - 145 pictures of Estonia
Latvia photo gallery  - 128 pictures of Latvia
Lithuania photo gallery  - 126 pictures of Lithuania
235 photos of Finland, a large and sparely populated Scandinavian country in northern Europe
195 photos of Denmark, a Scandinavian country located between Germany and Sweden
145 photos of Estonia, a small Baltic country in northern Europe
128 photos of Latvia, a Baltic state in northeastern Europe
126 photos of Lithuania, one of the three Baltic republics
Norway photo gallery  - 1377 pictures of Norway
1377 photos of Norway, a long and mountainous country in northern Europe
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