In this photo gallery you'll find a selection of pictures of the Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon. The pagoda dates back about 2500 years and was built to house the eight sacred hairs of the Buddha. The central stupa is 107m high and is covered with about 60 tonnes of gold leaf. The gilded hti at the top is hung with gold and silver bells and studded with gems.
The Shwedagon Pagoda is revered by the Burmese Buddhists because it is said to contain the relics of all four Enlightened Buddhas not just the relics of the present Gautama Buddha.
01 Shwedagon pagoda at sunset 02 Shwedagon pagoda at sunset 03 Buddha statue 04 Shrine 05 Sunset view
06 Bell 07 Shwedagon pagoda at night 08 West gate to Shwedagon pagoda 09 Chinthe 10 Columns
11 Shwedagon pagoda complex 12 Shwedagon pagoda complex 13 Burmese style temple 14 Buddha statue 15 Stupa
16 Buddha statue 17 Shwedagon pagoda complex 18 Shwedagon pagoda 19 Shwedagon pagoda 20 Burmese style temple roof 21 Stupas
22 Stairs to gate
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