A selection of pictures of Amarapura (the U Bein Bridge and the Shwekyet Kya pagoda). Amarapura was founded as a royal capital by King Bodawpaya in 1782 and was such until 1823 and then again between 1837 and 1857. Nowadays not much is left of Amarapura - all that remains are the four pagodas which mark the four corners of the city walls, the watch tower and the treasury building. One of the main sights in Amarapura is the 1.2km long U Bein bridge, built over the Taungthaman lake by U Bein, the city's major, in 1782.
01 U Bein bridge 02 U Bein bridge 03 Boat 04 Boat 05 Taungthaman lake
06 Taungthaman lake 07 Fields 08 Boat
09 Boats 10 Taungthaman lake 11 Shwekyet Kya pagoda 12 Shwekyet Kya pagoda 13 Shwekyet Kya pagoda
14 Shwekyet Kya pagoda 15 U Bein bridge at sunset
16 U Bein bridge at sunset 17 U Bein bridge at sunset
18 Taungthaman lake 19 U Bein bridge at sunset
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