This photo gallery contains pictures of Burmese landscapes. These were taken on a trip across lower and central Myanmar at the beginning of the dry season.
The south of Myanmar is relatively humid allowing wet rice cultivation, while the area north of Inle lake and the area around Bagan are very dry. The central part of Myanmar essentially consists of plains, while the eastern and western parts are mountainous.
01 Fish farm 02 Rice fields 03 Rice fields 04 Kyaiktiyo river
05 Kyaiktiyo river 06 River 07 River 08 Tree 09 Teak forest
10 Teak forest 11 Spruce forest 12 Dry highlands 13 Dry highlands 14 Plant
15 Dry highlands 16 Dry highlands 17 Dry highlands 18 House in garlic field
19 House in garlic field 20 Mountains 21 Central Myanmar landscape 22 Central Myanmar landscape
23 Oil palms at sunset 24 Bat tree 25 Water lilies 26 Water lily
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