A selection of pictures of the Golden Rock pagoda and nearby Kin Pun Camp. The Golden Rock pagoda is in a spectacular location, perched on a huge, apparently precarious boulder on the edge of a cliff. The Golden Rock itself is covered with gold leaf. Pilgrims line up to add more gold leaf to the rock.
01 Kin Pun Camp market 02 Weapons toys 03 Weapons toys 04 Weapons toys seller 05 Sleeping dogs
06 Kin Pun Camp 07 Kin Pun Camp 08 Road to Golden Rock 09 Litter for tourists 10 Temple
11 Gate 12 Golden rock 13 Golden rock and pagoda 14 Path to Golden rock pagoda 15 Ordination hall in Golden Rock complex
16 Golden rock pagoda 17 Column 18 Golden rock 19 Golden rock 20 Golden Rock detail 21 Golden rock
22 Gate 23 Tree
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