About 25km from Meknes (northern Morocco) lies the archaeological site of Volubilis (Oualili in Arabic), which features the best preserved Roman Empire ruins in this part of northern Africa. Built on the site of a previous Carthaginian settlement around the year 40 A.D., Volubilis was the administrative center of the Roman province of Mauretania Tingitana. Volubilis has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997.
01 Panorama view 02 Goose 03 Trees and ruins
04 Panorama view of ruins 05 Column detail 06 Columns 07 Panorama view of ruins
08 Panorama view of ruins 09 Panorama view of ruins
10 Columns in the Capitol 11 Stork nest on column 12 Capitol 13 Basilica wall with arches
14 Basilica wall with arches 15 Inside the basilica 16 Basilica ruins 17 Triumphal arch 18 Roman inscriptions on triumphal arch
19 Triumphal arch and basilica 20 Column 21 House of columns in Decumanus Maximus 01 Dolphins
02 Dolphins 03 Lines and squares pattern 04 Black and white triangles pattern 05 Black and white marine animals 06 Sea god or warrior with animals
07 Wild animals 08 Wild animals circular mosaic 09 Wild animals
10 Wild animals 11 Wild animals 12 Athlete on horseback receiving winners cup for desultor race 13 Patrician and woman
14 Patrician 15 Colours adjusted with reference grey card
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