Marrakech (aka Marrakesh) is the major city in southern Morocco and lies in the foothills of the Atlas mountains. It consists of a big old town, the Medina centered around the Djemaa el-Fna square with souks and ancient palaces and mosques, and a big new town (Ville Nouvelle) to the west. Marrakech draws a large number of tourists and is an ideal base to explore the nearby Atlas mountain range and the desertic regions to the southeast.
01 Inner courtyard 02 Main entrance with decorations 03 Main gate with wood carvings and stone decorations 04 Stone decorations 05 Carved cedar wood roof
06 Carved cedar wood roof 07 Inside the mosque 08 Islamic patterns 09 Islamic patterns
10 Stone decorations and Arabic characters 11 Inner courtyard and windows 12 Inner courtyard with colonnade and windows 13 Window with stone decorations 14 Stone decorations
15 View from student cell window 01 Snake charmer 02 Cobra snake 03 Dried dates and fruits stall 04 View of square with restaurants
05 View of square with restaurants 06 Panorama view 07 View of orange juice stalls
08 Panorama view 09 Mosque minaret 10 Snake charmers 11 Open air restaurants
12 Sunset view with Koutoubia mosque 13 Panorama view 14 Panorama view 15 Mosque minaret at dusk
16 Mosque at dusk 17 Chez Chegrouni restaurant at night 18 Night view with smoke 19 Snails stall
20 Snails stall 21 Dried fruits stalls at night 01 Square with palm trees 02 Pink wall with decorated windows 03 Stork nest
04 Palais el Badi 05 Palais el Badi 06 Palais el Badi 07 Koubba al-Khamsiniyya in Palais el Badi
08 Palais el Badi panorama view 09 Spices bags 10 Spices bags 11 Spices bags
12 Conical spices heaps 13 Door and pink wall 01 Minaret 02 Minaret 03 Archaeological excavation
04 Minaret 05 Gate 06 Gate 07 Minaret 08 Mosque at sunset 09 Mosque at sunset
10 Minaret at night 01 Decorated wooden door with carvings 02 Decorated columns 03 Inner hall with mosaics 04 Floor with Islamic mosaics and fountain 05 Colourful Islamic patterns
06 Colourful Islamic patterns 07 Decorated wooden door with carvings 08 Side room with colourful mosaics 01 Path to palace 02 Stucco decorations
03 Stucco decorations 04 Door with Islamic patterns 05 Floor with Islamic mosaic 06 Room with decorated walls and roof 07 Decorated wooden roof
08 Passageway with mosaic and stucco decorations 09 Decorated wooden roof 10 Gate and wooden door 11 Decorated wooden door
12 Roof decoration 13 Decorated wooden roof 14 Roof detail with Islamic patterns 15 Wooden roof detail with colourful decorations
16 Inner courtyard 17 Pleasure garden 18 Pleasure garden 19 Green banana cluster 01 Pedestrian area and lantern
02 Cafe restaurant Etoile 03 Square and shops 04 Gate to souk area 05 Gate to souks 06 Carpets shop
07 Square and carpets 08 Carpets hanging on the wall 09 Carpets hanging on the wall 10 Ben Youssef mosque 11 Ben Youssef mosque 12 Ben Youssef mosque
13 Carpets hanging on the wall 14 Carpet shop 15 Carpet shops 16 Narrow alley and pink walls 17 Narrow alley and shops
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