Djemaa el Fna is a square and market place in the medina of Marrakech. It is the main square of Marrakesh and is used both by locals and tourists. On the square there are orange juice stalls, food stalls, open air restaurants, snake charmers, dancers and other artists. Although the square is well visited at any time of the day, it comes into its own at night.
01 Snake charmer 02 Cobra snake 03 Dried dates and fruits stall 04 View of square with restaurants
05 View of square with restaurants 06 Panorama view 07 View of orange juice stalls
08 Panorama view 09 Mosque minaret 10 Snake charmers 11 Open air restaurants
12 Sunset view with Koutoubia mosque 13 Panorama view 14 Panorama view 15 Mosque minaret at dusk
16 Mosque at dusk 17 Chez Chegrouni restaurant at night 18 Night view with smoke 19 Snails stall
20 Snails stall 21 Dried fruits stalls at night
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