The historic centre of Essaouira consists of a maze of narrow alleys and ancient houses and is surrrounded by the imposing city walls. The area has been settled since prehistoric times, but the current city was built in the 18th century under the reign of Mohammed III, who employed European architects and technicians. Nowadays the Medina of Essaouira consists to a large extent of souvenir shops, cafes adn restaurants, who cater to the large number of tourists who come to visit the city.
01 Alley 02 Alley 03 Medina 04 Medina
05 Carpets 06 Moulay Hassan square 07 Hotel Dar Mounia 08 Alley with shops
09 Essaouira roof view 10 Alleyway 11 Corner tower 12 Corner tower
13 City walls 14 City walls and old house
15 On the city walls 16 Old house 17 Cannons 18 Ramparts
19 Casa Vera restaurant 20 Tourists on ramparts at sunset 21 Alleay at night 22 Gate and watchtower
23 City walls 24 Moulay Hassan square
25 Door 26 Casa Vera restaurant 27 Casa Vera restaurant 28 Windows
29 Moulay Hassan square
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