Montenegro is a small country with an area of 13812 kmĀ² and a population of 680000 inhabitants, located in the southern Balkans, along the Adriatic coast. The terrain is mostly mountainous, except for a small area with plains around the capital Podgorica. Montenegro ("black mountain" in Venetian) has been settled since prehistoric times. In the middle ages, at the peak of its power, it was the centre of a kingdom ruling Montenegro and parts of Bosnia Herzegovina. Later it was annexed by foreign powers, and finally gaining independence in 2006. Montenegro receives a sizable number of tourists due to its idyllic sea coast along the Adriatic, where many picturesque historic cities are located. Montenegro has adopted the Euro as currency. Its economy is relatively developed and the pricing level is moderate to high.
How to get to Montenegro
There is a train connection to Belgrade and the main airport is in Podgorica. Otherwise Montenegro is well connected to the European motorway network.
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, all bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Cathedral of the resurrection of Christ 02 Cathedral of the resurrection of Christ 03 Cathedral of the resurrection interior 04 Cathedral of the resurrection interior 05 Cathedral of the resurrection interior
06 Cathedral of the resurrection interior 07 Cathedral of the resurrection interior 08 Cathedral of the resurrection interior
09 Delta City mall 10 Delta City mall 11 Hilton hotel
12 Svetog Petra Cetinjskog boulevard 13 Moraca river and Milenium bridge 14 Moraca river
15 Moraca river 16 National theatre 17 National theatre 18 Moraca river 19 Birziminijum fortress
20 Ministry of Finance 21 Svetog Petra Cetinjskog boulevard 22 Monument to king Nikola 23 Monument to king Nikola 24 Hotel Hilton
01 Palm tree 02 City park 03 City park 04 Njegoseva street 05 Pedestrian area
06 Pedestrian area 07 Pedestrian area 08 Old town gate with clock tower 09 St Michael church 10 Herceg Stjepan square
11 St Michael square 12 St Jerome square 13 Tree top
14 Beach 15 Yellow house 16 Costa Mediterranea cruise ship 17 Costa Mediterranea cruise ship
18 Pebble stones 01 Venetian fortifications 02 Kotor harbour 03 Kotor harbour 04 Fortification tower
05 Venetian city wall 06 Kotor harbour 07 City walls
08 Venetian fortifications 09 Venetian fortifications 10 Main gate to old town 11 Clock tower
12 The Arms square 13 Narrow alley 14 St Tryphon cathedral 15 St Tryphon cathedral
16 St Tryphon cathedral 17 Wooden window blinds 18 Venetian fortifications 19 Kotor bay and harbour
20 Venetian fortifications 21 Historic core 22 City walls 23 City walls 24 Souvenir shop
25 Souvenir shop 26 St Nicholas church interior 27 St Nicholas church interior 28 St Nicholas church interior 29 Medieval church 30 Medieval church
31 St Nicholas Serbian Orthodox church 32 City square 33 Kotor
34 Kotor bay 35 Kotor bay
36 Kotor 01 Hotel in Dobra Voda with pool and sea view 02 Dobra Voda beach
03 Dobra Voda coastline 04 Sea view from Hotel in Dobra Voda 05 Dobra Voda coastline
06 Sveti Stefan island and beach 07 Aman Sveti Stefan resort 08 Sveti Stefan island and beach
09 Sveti Stefan 100 Euro beach set 10 Sveti Stefan beach
11 Sveti Stefan beach 12 Hotel in Dobra Voda with sea view
13 Hotel in Dobra Voda with sea view 14 Ulcinj 15 Beachwear shop in Ulcinj 16 Ulcinj
17 Ulcinj beach
18 Ulcinj bay
19 Ulcinj beach 20 Restaurants in Ulcinj old town
21 Ulcinj bay
22 Ulcinj beach
23 SIM card shop in Ulcinj 24 Ulcinj mosque 25 Safari beach
26 Kitesurfing in Safari beach 27 Kitesurfing in Safari beach 28 Kitesurfing in Safari beach
29 Safari beach 30 Inflatable kite
01 Parking in Pluzine 02 Lake Piva
03 Lake Piva
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