Ulan Bator, also known as Ulaanbaatar or Улаанбаатар in Mongolian, is the capital of Mongolia. It lies in northern Mongolia at an altitude of 1300m on the bank of the Tuul river. Ulan Bator was founded in 1639 as a nomadic Buddhist monastic centre. Over the centuries it evolved into the capital of Mongolia, changing location 28 times over the course of time. Nowadays Ulan Bator has a population of 1.4 million inhabitants (almost half of Mongolia's population) and extends over a pretty large area, 4700 km². There are not many sights of interest in Ulan Bator, as a lot was destroyed during the Soviet period. The main attractions are around the Genghis Khan square, but otherwise Ulan Bator is a quite ugly capital, with dirty streets and unimpressive buildings. It's not a very touristy place, as there is a lack of tourist infrastructure (hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, travel agencies etc.). Tourists use Ulan Bator mainly as the entry point for Mongolia, where to start tours across the country.
01 Genghis Khan square 02 Marco Polo statue
03 Genghis Khan square
04 Genghis Khan square
05 Parliament house 06 Stele of Sukhbaatar statue 07 Confederation of Mongolian trade unions building
08 Genghis Khan square 09 Mukhlai knight statue 10 Riding horse fountain
11 West side of Genghis Khan square
12 Genghis Khan square at night
13 Parliament house at night 14 Genghis Khan statue 15 Genghis Khan statue 01 Women and child
02 People in traditional Mongolian dress 03 People in traditional Mongolian dress 04 People in traditional Mongolian dress 05 State palace honour guard 06 People in traditional Mongolian dress
07 Men in Mongolian dress 08 Men in Mongolian dress 09 Groom and bride 10 Groom and bride 11 Change of the guard
12 Change of the guard 13 Change of the guard 14 Change of the guard 15 Change of the guard 16 Change of the guard 17 People in deel tunics
18 Woman in del tunic 19 Woman in white dress 20 People in traditional Mongolian dress 21 Worshippers in deel tunics 22 Worshippers in deel tunics
23 People in traditional Mongolian dress 01 Golomt bank 02 State bank of Mongolia 03 Karaoke restaurant
04 Mobile phone outlet 05 Mobile communications shop 06 Skytel 07 Hotel Bishrelt 08 Victory shopping centre
09 Flower centre 10 The Blue Sky hotel 11 The Blue Sky hotel 12 Mika hotel 13 Hotel Platinum
14 Hotel Kaiser 15 Best Western hotel 16 Best Western hotel 17 Modern Nomads restaurant 18 Hotel Nine 19 Hotel Nine
20 KFC restaurant 21 Fast Food restaurant 01 Olympic street 02 Neon lights 03 My Motherland is in my heart statue
04 Peace avenue 05 National museum of Mongolian history 06 National museum of Mongolian history 07 Meteorology research institute
08 Tourist street 09 Gazebo 10 Gazebo 11 Skyscraper
12 Dinosaur museum 13 Tarbosaurus skeleton 14 Tarbosaurus dinosaur
15 Saurolophus skeleton 16 Telecom Mongolia 17 Choijin Lama museum 18 Subway entrance
19 Shopping centre 20 Neon lights
21 Ministry of foreign affairs 22 State opera and ballet theatre 23 Tuushin tower 24 Sports centre building
25 Khorloogiin Choibalsan statue 26 Khorloogiin Choibalsan statue
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