The Genghis Khan (or Chinggis Khaan) square is the central square and touristic highlight of Ulan Bator. On its northern side lies the Parliament building with the statue of Genghis Khan. In its centre there is the equestrian statue of Damdin S├╝khbaatar, one of the leaders of Mongolia's 1921 revolution. Along its eastern side there are the state opera and ballet theatre and Soviet-style cultural palace.
01 Genghis Khan square 02 Marco Polo statue
03 Genghis Khan square
04 Genghis Khan square
05 Parliament house 06 Stele of Sukhbaatar statue 07 Confederation of Mongolian trade unions building
08 Genghis Khan square 09 Mukhlai knight statue 10 Riding horse fountain
11 West side of Genghis Khan square
12 Genghis Khan square at night
13 Parliament house at night 14 Genghis Khan statue 15 Genghis Khan statue
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