Kharkhorin is a small city in central Mongolia, which lies on the site of the former capital of the Mongolian empire, Karakorum. Karakorum was setup in the 13th century by Ögedei and was the capital of the Mongolian empire for 40 years. After being destroyed in 1388, the remains of Karakorum were used to build the Erdene Zuu monastery, which was later badly damaged during the Stalinist purges. Nowadays what is left of the former capital is a museum and the remains of the Erdene Zuu monastery. These include a number of buildings in a large walled compound. The Great imperial map monument is located near Kharkhorin on a hill overseeing a river valley.
01 Mukhlai hotel 02 Kharkhorin museum 03 Stele
04 Erdene Zuu monastery 05 Stele 06 Gate
07 Zuu Buddhist temples
08 Zuu Buddhist temples 09 Zuu Buddhist temples
10 Zuu Buddhist temples 11 Zuu Buddhist temples
12 Stupa 13 Stupa 14 Roof detail 15 Laviran temple 16 Lavrin temple
17 Laviran temple 18 Lavrin temple 19 Eagle
20 Kharkhorin 21 Great imperial map monument 22 Ovoo
23 Tip of ovoo 24 Great imperial map monument 25 Ovoo cairn 26 Great imperial map monument 27 Great imperial map monument
28 Great imperial map monument
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