The Hustai national park (also known as Khustain Nuruu) is locate about 80km west of Ulan Bator in Mongolia. It was set up in 1998 in an area where a reintroduction project for the Przewalski horse or Takhi had started years ago in 1992. The park covers an area of 506kmĀ², in a relatively dry area of plains and mountains at an altitude ranging between 1300m and 1700m. The primary reson to visit the park is to see the Przewalski horse in the wild. To reach the park it is necessary to book a tour or rent a car.
01 Moltsog Els resort 02 Dirt road
03 Park headquarter 04 Przewalski horses 05 Takhi horses
06 Przewalski horse 07 Przewalski horses 08 Montains
09 Deer 10 Deer 11 Przewalski horses
12 Khustain national park
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