Gunung Jerai is a mountain located close to the coast, in the south of Kedah. It is a massive limestone outcrop with a height of 1200m. A narrow and winding road leads from sea level to the summit. This actually is not accessible to tourists, because it houses telecommunications equipment and is guarded by the Malaysian military. At about 800m of altitude there is a resort, the Regency hill resort, with a spa and a pool. Above the resort, a forest trail leads to a waterfall. Further up the mountain at one point there is an area with rock not covered by vegetation.
01 Gunung Jerai
02 Gunung Jerai mountain 03 Road to summit
04 Road to summit 05 Staircase 06 Padang Tok Skeikh cliff 07 Padang Tok Skeikh cliff
08 Treetops 09 Spider 10 Waterfall 11 Waterfall 12 Waterfall 13 Waterfall
14 Waterfall in the jungle 15 Botanical garden 16 Jerai mountain
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