Alor Star (also known as Alor Setar) is the capital of the Malaysian state of Kedah. It is located in the plains, nor far from the sea. The centre of ALor Star is quite pleasant and has a number of architectural highlights, such as for instance the Zahir state mosque, Kedah state art gallery, Balai Nobat, the Al-Bukhary mosque, the palace of the Sultan of Kedah and several colonial era buildings. The Alor Star tower has a height of 165m and offers good views of the city. Alor Star is a relatively new city, having been founded in 1735 by Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Zainal Adilin II.
How to get to Alor Star
Alor Star has an own airport and can also be reached by train, bus or car, for instance by using the north-south motorway.
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, bookable via the international booking portals. Prices are moderate.
01 The Jerai hotel 02 Street decoration 03 Tunku Ibrahim street 04 Tunku Ibrahim street
05 Tunku Ibrahim street 06 Old police station 07 Tourist information centre
08 Shophouses 09 Mahathir birthplace 10 Mahathir birthplace
11 Mahathir birthplace 12 Mahathir birthplace 13 Kedah state art gallery
14 Kedah state art gallery 15 Kedah state art gallery 16 Kedah state art gallery
17 Zahir state mosque 18 Zahir state mosque 19 Kedah royal museum 20 Zahir state mosque
21 Balai Nobat and arch 22 Balai Nobat and arch 23 Balai Nobat tower 24 Big clock tower 25 Balai Nobat tower
26 Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah gallery 27 Amann Central shopping mall
28 Al-Bukhary mosque and university 29 Istana Kuning palace
30 Alor Star skyline 31 Wat Nikrodharam Buddhist temple
32 Wat Nikrodharam Buddhist temple 33 Al-Bukhary mosque
34 Al-Bukhary mosque 35 Al-Bukhary mosque
36 Al-Bukhary mosque interior 37 Al-Bukhary mosque 38 Al-Bukhary mosque interior
39 Dome in Al-Bukhary mosque 40 Al-Bukhary mosque 41 Al-Bukhary mosque doors 42 Al-Bukhary mosque prayer hall
43 Al-Bukhary mosque 44 Alor Setar tower 45 Alor Setar tower 46 Darul Aman street 47 Balai Nobat tower
48 Dapur Ibuku restaurant 49 Darul Aman street 50 Kedah royal museum
51 Kedah royal museum 52 Kedah state art gallery
53 Zahir state mosque 54 Zahir state mosque
55 Pekan Rabu market 56 Alor Setar tower 57 Paddy museum
58 Paddy museum 59 Statue of rice farmer and buffalo
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