Kedah is a small state in peninsular Malaysia, at the northern end of Malaysia's west coast, bordering Thailand in the north and including the Langkawi archipelago. A Hindu-Buddhist kingdom existed in Kedah already in the 1st century AD. This was annexed by the Srivijaya empire in the 7th centuryandin the 11th century by the Indian Chola kingdom. In the 15th century the local ruler converted to Islam. After being part of Siam, Kedah was transferred to the Malayan British colony in 1909.
The regional capital of Kedah is Alor Star. Half of Malaysia's rice is grown in Kedah. Tourism is mostly focused on the island of Langkawi; other sites in Kedah (Ulu Muda, the Bujang valley, Alor Star, forest and mountain areas) have tourist potential but are not well known outside Malaysia.
How to get to Kedah
Alor Star and Langkawi have airports. It's also possible to reach locations in Kedah by train, bus or car.
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, all bookable via the international booking portals. Prices are moderate.
Alor Star photo gallery  - 59 pictures of Alor Star
Ulu Muda Forest Reserve photo gallery  - 70 pictures of Ulu Muda Forest Reserve
59 photos of Alor Star, the capital of the Malaysian state of Kedah
70 photos of the Ulu Muda forest reserve in Kedah (Malaysia), a wildlife area which only recently opened up for tourists
Gunung Jerai photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Gunung Jerai
16 photos of the Jerai mountain in Kedah
Bujang valley photo gallery  - 17 pictures of Bujang valley
Langkawi photo gallery  - 159 pictures of Langkawi
17 photos of the Bujang valley, a historical site in southern Kedah dating back to the Hindu-Buddhist period
159 photos of Langkawi island on peninsular Malaysia's west coast.
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